Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Cheer

Christmas seems to have snuck up on us this year. All of a sudden everything is red and green and sparkley. I love it!!

On Sunday evening we put up our Christmas tree. It's a little bare-looking because you can see through where we didn't stretch out the fake branches enough, but it's still a nice tree. It's a pre-lit tree, which is a-ok with me!
Although, Chadd and I have decided that next year when we are married (and every year after that) we are going to start our own tradition of getting a real tree.
I'm so excited for this! My family has only had a real tree a few years of my upbringing. 

Here's some pictures from Sunday night

Last night was the company Christmas party for the theater that Chadd and I work at. We didn't get many pictures but we did get this cute one.
We have one more Christmas party, specifically for our department. But that isn't until later in the month. Until then we've got gift wrapping, Christmas movie watching, hot cocoa drinking, birthday partying (Chadd...), cookie baking, and more festivities to keep us occupied.
I hope you are having a joyous season so far. This year I've been thinking a lot about those who don't have a positive experience over the holidays. I'd like to challenge all of us to watch for them and look for ways we can bless them this year. 
That's all I've got for now.


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