Monday, January 18, 2016


That's right, 104 more days until the wedding! Plans are coming right along.
Here are a couple of sneak peek pictures.

I've continued to have fun testing cake recipes. This is called "hummingbird cake"–it's totally amazing. Chadd and I are looking forward to having a big slice on the big day. We even had a conversation about how the bride and groom usually only get a bite of cake on their wedding day. We decided that all other activities will be held until we have had a sufficient whole slice of cake :-)

These little guys were my big project a few weeks ago. I love having projects to work on, especially when they end up being cute, cute, cute!

Last week I had fun practicing some hand lettering techniques for some scripture canvases we will be decorating with. I must've written this verse about 50 different times and 30 different ways. I learned a lot while I was at it. I am not too great at hand lettering yet, but I hope to keep learning techniques.

Other things we've accomplished?
Chadd's formalwear is all purchased and in his possession!! This is quite an accomplishment after months of talk about what kind of shoes he wanted, and searching for pants that are just the right shade to match his vest. He's going to look pretty sharp :-)

I also found my wedding shoes the other day. On sale. YAY!!! You've got to love a good sale, especially on something super cute. ;-)

I've been working on various other things that are less exciting to talk about and read about, so I won't bother.

One more big thing: we've found an apartment! That's pretty important, right? Hehe. Chadd will be moving in next month. He promised to keep it nice and clean until we are married and I move in.
So we've been busy furniture hunting.
By now we have both made the statement: "I don't know, I just want to be done looking for a dresser."
It's true.
In fact, I'm quite content to wait a good month or so before approaching a furniture store again.
Thankfully I think we've got the necessary furniture. Now just to gather things like light bulbs, cleaning supplies, etc.

So that's what's been going on around here. Hope you are having a good year so far!



  1. "never despise meager beginnings.." Zechariah 4.10

    building one's first home (furnishings) is a slow and steady search. i'm excited for you and your beloved.

  2. oh and ... i found this recipe on the southern living facebook site. mmm...

  3. or is it this link...?

  4. This is the recipe I used. I used walnuts instead of pecans. I think that goes better with the banana flavor in the cake. Mmm..