Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Have Arrived

We are officially moved into our new apartment. *Chelsea dances excitedly*
When I say "moved in", I mean that all of our stuff has been transferred from one apartment to the other. I don't mean that everything is unpacked and neatly organized, and I don't mean that everything is perfectly decorated yet... In fact, it won't ever be perfect. It will be our imperfectly beautiful home. We are already feeling so good about it. We love the space. Even though it has definitely been demanding all of our hours and efforts for the past few days, cleaning and organizing and putting things in place has only made us love it more.
So while I don't have much to share just yet, I do have a few fun pics to share today.

This was the last picture I took of packing our old place. I couldn't believe how much kitchen stuff we have! When I mentioned that to Chadd he said, "Well 80% of our wedding registry was kitchen stuff, sweetie" 
Oh. Right. 

Chadd hates this picture. But I think it tells the tale. We took it right before breakfast on moving day.

And this is me halfway through moving day when I realized there was ice cream in the freezer but all the spoons were packed away.

We had lots of helping hands, and everything went smoothly (other than thinking we had to call off the moving truck due to complications with the rental company. My parents were the ones who faced that stress and also saved the day).
We are so thankful for everyone who gave their time and energy, and for my sweet grandmas, who treated us all to pizza! 
I spent the evening of moving day unpacking the kitchen. If you know me, you know that I'm not at home until the kitchen is in order. You'd think I'd be concerned about getting the clothes put away and the bed set up. Nope. The clothes waited until the day after moving. But hey, the crockpot and toaster were in place within the first hour! :-D

This picture doesn't do it justice, but this is the coffee station. I can't tell you how fun it was to set this up!! Hospitality is something that Chadd and I are both passionate about. Therefore, we are striving to create an inviting environment to welcome our guests into.
This cubby is loaded with tea, coffee, latte mix, cocoa mix, and chai mix. And if none of that's appealing, can I offer you a lemonade? Water? Anything? ;-)

This is one of my favorite places. I know: it's a closet. But it's a tidy closet. And it was a BLAST to put together. Yesterday at work my mind kept drifting back to the closet and I would smile like a weirdo.
What can I say? I love organization.

Last picture for today. Me and my pal Mr. Clean.
We've been getting things done. Scrubbing walls, trim, walls, trim, and doors. Because everything is white, which is lovely when clean. Thats why I've gone through 10+ Mr. Clean magic erasers so far. *thumbs up*

This is so fun! Can't wait to show you some more progress later.



  1. Its so fun to set up your home! I laughed when you said the toaster and crockpot were in their places, but not your clothes!

    Enjoy your new home!

  2. That is a beautiful closet. I feel like smiling like a weirdo with you and it's not even my closet!

  3. Your mom sent me over! I laughed whe the spoons were packed, but there was ice cream in the freezer. May you and Chad be very happy there! Course, I think you two would make any place home, but this looks like a nice place with good space and on that Longfellow note, I'll slip off...

  4. Some days I wish we would move into another home. Moving is a great way to get rid of stuff no longer wanted or needed, as well as get a clean beginning.