Friday, August 5, 2016

An update from the old married couple

Good afternoon friends! If you're married, I am curious; did people make newlywed jokes to you for the first months of your marriage? And when does it stop?
Just wondering. Chadd has said on numerous occasions, "okay, they can seriously stop calling us an old married couple now..."

I realize that I failed to follow through on the promise that I would post wedding planning progress on this blog. The problem was this: I didn't want to give anything away to those who were attending. But now that it's over, I can post pictures! I'll just share some favorites since we had 300+ pictures. (All photo credit goes to Faith Brook-Lynn Walls. If you want more info about her business, ask me for a link to her photography page)

It is extremely hard not to post many more pictures! *sigh*

So here we are three months later. A happy old married couple.
We are currently packing up to move to an apartment closer to the theater where we both work and closer to the cafe where I will soon be working as a baker/food prep/sandwich making person.
It's also a more spacious apartment with outdoor space that we are so excited about! We love to spend time with friends and this will allow us to do more hosting.

Today I am spending the day packing books and dishes. I decided to pack this cookie jar (which I keep on the counter to hold flour). This meant using up the flour, which meant baking!
Behold: cookies.

So those are the updates for now. Thanks for stopping by to catch up :-)



  1. Beauty .. through and through. Your life is lovely and I'm thankful for a glimpse. Blessings

  2. Sigh. The wedding was lovely! I love weddings!

  3. Those cookies look so good!

    We enjoyed your beautiful wedding and are so glad you are settling happily into married life!

  4. I love the wedding pictures! Such a beautiful, happy day. Also, I need to eat at this café where you will soon be making food. So excited for you!