Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pop Hearts

A long time ago, (probably 3 or 4 years ago now) I was spending the day at a friend's house. Nothing out of the ordinary, we were having a great time. At some point, a member of the family nonchalantly mentioned that they had made pop tarts. I was partially puzzled but mostly amazed. Homemade pop tarts?!? Until then, I thought pop tarts could ONLY be found at the grocery store on the shelf, sold for a little more than they're worth (unless you have a coupon!) 
My friend showed me the miraculous homemade pop tarts. They were adorable. I vowed that someday I would make my own.
Well, dear readers, the day has come!
I'm snowed in and have more time on my hands than I will likely have again until I'm retired. And goodness knows, homemade pop tarts cannot wait that long.
So I started earlier this afternoon. Crumbled some cold butter into some flour, sugar, and salt. I crumbled it all together with my hands because I'd rather do that than dirty the blender dishes.
Then I added the cold water and it became dough. Dough which then chilled for an hour while I did dishes, cut a pineapple, and listened to music.
Finally it was time.
I pulled the dough out and got to work.

The recipe says to cut the dough into rectangles. You know, like normal pop tarts. I had only made half of the recipe, so I decided to make minis. Then it occurred to me that I have a heart shaped cookie cutter.
One should not simply pass up the opportunity to make something heart shaped.
So heart shaped they are.

Then I started filling them. We had some homemade triple berry jam on hand, given to our family by the super talented Karen, of Blue Barn Bulletin.
Finally all the hearts were jam-filled and ready to seal up.
And into the freezer they went for 2 hours. 
After their chilling time, into the oven they went!
Right as I started watching Pride and Prejudice. It worked out perfectly because then I had something to distract me while they cooled off. Sometimes I get a little too eager and put the icing on things before I should.
I think they turned out nicely! And I can finally cross them off of my recipe bucket list.
If you're in a snowy area, I hope you're making the most of it in your own way.



  1. They're adorable and I'm sure they're delicious.

  2. Can't believe I haven't read your blog since.. *gulp* apparently sometime in January. I caught up today, though, and couldn't help smiling. :) I love your writing style + you are such a talented homemaker and baker! Also it makes me happy to know that you were using my mom's jam! We're on a cleanse right now but I've got to see if we have some more of that berry stuff for when it's over. ;)