Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Projects, Imperfections, and Other Happenings

Well, life has been interesting as of late.
I've been babysitting and working at a local cafe' for the past few weeks. I'm grateful that both jobs seemed to pop up out of nowhere, just in time, as I still have a month to go before returning to my usual full-time job.
Babysitting has been a blast. I had no idea it could be so fun, but The little girl I babysit is such a sweetie. I'm pretty sure Anne of Green Gables would call us "kindred spirits" as we both have a bunch of energy, we're both half-shy, and we both love to bake, and shop!
Some sugar cookies we made for "Mr. Chadd".
The master at work. 

Chadd and I originally weren't going to have a flower girl in our wedding because we weren't particularly close to any little girls. However, once I started babysitting J, it changed.
And I'm so excited! We've gone shopping and picked out a sweeeet little dress for her. And I've practiced doing her hair with her butterfly pins. On my first try I took a picture of it and showed her, now nearly every time she sees my phone she asks, "oo, can I see my braid again?"
I'm not the greatest at doing hair, but it's fun to play, anyway.

In other news: Chadd moved into our apartment last Monday and we've been adjusting things, readjusting things, stocking up on first-apartment-necessities (you know, toilet paper, ramen noodles, etc.), and beginning to put our 'touch' on it.
When we first viewed the apartment, I was all in. Loved everything EXCEPT the bathroom. Not that it was so awful, it just had some awful wallpaper.
Dark green. >.<
I'm not a green person to begin with, plus it just didn't go so well with the salmon colored tile.
My mom was brave and asked the people we are renting from if we'd be able to take it down and paint. The answer was yes! So poor Chadd, only a few days after he was moved in, we were attacking the bathroom.
We managed to forget to take "before" and "during" project pictures. Sorry!
But here are some "after" pics. Taken after these events: 
1.Taking down the old wallpaper. Which was surprisingly easy.
2.Fixing the wall where it was uneven.
3.Taping over all the tile to protect it from my sloppy painting hand.
4. Wiping the dust off everything.
5. Painting the first coat.
6. Fixing the wall again.
7. Painting on the second coat.
8. Vigorously scrubbing all the tile
9. Mopping the floor
10. Replacing everything we'd moved and hanging a new shower curtain. (Yay for IKEA $10 shower curtains!)

I do feel strange posting pictures of a bathroom, but just imagine the green wallpaper. It feels like the room is 2x bigger now.
I love baskets. Love them. And there would be no rest until I had one to hold the toilet paper. I don't know why it was such a big deal to me, but it was. And the perfect basket has been found and placed upon the shelf. (There's no closet in the bathroom, so everything must find its place upon the shelf)
I'd been pondering buying some Glade fragrance stuff for the apartment when it dawned on me. My mother is a candle maker. She's agreed to be my candle supplier:-) Here is the first, which will be placed in the bathroom–You guessed it– upon the shelf. The fragrance is called "Oats, milk, and honey" appropriate for the honey jar, I'd say. If you're not familiar with her candles, you should familiarize yourself by looking up Good Neighbors Candle Company on Etsy and trying this fragrance (it's so good!). 
Yes, I am shamelessly promoting.

I won't go into where we're at with wedding planning. I'll just say this: 81 Days!!!

That's all for now!



  1. The bathroom looks great, Chelsea. So does J's hair with the sweet clips.

    I may have to try this scent in your moms candles!